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Star wars: The old republic. The discovery of power

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Κόσμος(Σύμπαν): Star wars

Copyright: George Lucas

Όνομα Συγγραφέα: John

Είδος: Επιστημονική

Βία: ναι

Σεξ: οχι

Αριθμός λέξεων: 1600 και κάτι

Αυτοτελής: όχι










The quietness of space was only interrupted by the clanking sounds of the damaged hyperdrive that was leaking, filing the engine room of the Sith transport with coolant. .Inside it was a man dressed in a dark cloak. The right sleeve of the cloth was torn along with the hand that had previously been there, evidence to a battle that he had lost. Blood was dripping on the floor, coming from the small but deep gash at the abdomen and his face became distorted as the Sith Lord screamed once more in pain. He kept on screaming as every cell on his body strained.



He was abandoned.



He was betrayed.



He was alone.





3 hours before



The Commanding officer of the Barve Claw couldn't help but curse his luck as he was pacing nervously on the narrow walkway, connecting the corridor with the lounge of the Sith transport. The ensign on the pilot seat kept glancing at him, concerned about the man's condition.



"Why him of all Sith?" The ensign whispered so that his co-pilot, a man dressed in black leather garments could hear.



The other guy shrugged and gave the pilot a nervous look as he glanced at the officer and saw him stare at them in rage



"Shut up or the next time you'll see Kaas city will be in a flimsicard!" The officer threatened, his face strained in a horrifying grimace.



"Sorry sir," The terrified ensign replied and focused his gaze on the viewport in front of him. Ever since they had departed from Dromund Kaas the Captain had been more nervous than usual.





The vessel was docked on the hangar of the prestigious Sith academy of Korriban. Only the elite and the most vicious of the Sith studied here and one of them was coming onboard. Ambassador missions to Dromund Kaas were the only ones that required the Ambassador to arrive on a Dromund Kaas vessel. The Barve Claw was an ambassador ship and its crew was accustomed to the presence of Sith Lords. The sound of soft but steady footsteps echoed in the cockpit, making the Captain stand firm in attention as a dark figure appeared in the narrow corridor. The man was dressed in a black cloak and his face was hidden behind the raised hood. The only thing visible, was the Sith Lord's eyes, those crossed yellow eyes.



"Greetings my Lord." the officer said and bowed with a firm move, suggesting he had regained his composure.



"The Barve claw and its crew are at your..."



The Sith lord cut him out with a flick of his finger.



"Take me to Dromund Kaas as soon as possible and spare me the chit chat commander." Bandion said and pulled out his hood, revealing his lean and beautiful features. His long dark hair was hanging on a ponytail behind him. He didn't look like a Sith lord. The commanding officer who spent years serving under dark force users could tell the difference. His gaze seemed to have lasted longer than was necessary because Bandion's eyes narrowed.



“Is there a problem commander?" he asked with a tone that would make even the fiercest rancor cower.



"N...no my Lord, as you wish."



"Very well" The Sith answered and turned around.



"Ill be heading to the lounge. Make sure you have a good reason to disturb me, if you must."



"Of ..course " The Commanding officer barely replied, keeping his head down even though his superior had already started walking away.



"Pff , this will be a long flight." the pilot declared keeping his ​voice as low as possible.



"If everything goes to plan, it will prove a rather short flight Flain." The commanding officer replied rather by instinct than intent.



"Now shut up!" He continued, cursing his absent-mindedness and resumed his pacing along the corridor.





The wooshing sound and the slight bump, made it clear that the repulsorifts had been activated. Darth Bandion was sitting on a leather sofa in the middle of the spacious lounge. His feet were resting on the round plastoid table and he was playing with his datapad, browsing through series of files containing information about the upcoming meeting with the Dark Council. His eyes were locked on the small screen but his mind was circling the room, searching for any kind of trap. After he hadn’t found anything, he resumed his datapad reading. Meanwhile the ship had left the Korriban’s atmosphere and was entering hyperspace. Bandion closed his eyes preparing for the push that would be coming. Sith transports were heavy on artillery equipment but lacked A-grade inertial compensators, making entrances to hyperspace slightly bumpy for the non-accustomed. After the vessel entered the blue tunnel and stabilized its speed, Bandion opened his eyes. He was about to check the datapad's memory for any kind of entertaining games when he sensed an immediate threat from behind. He slipped to the right just in time to hear a blaster bolt sizzle past him and hit the durasteel wall. He tumbled forward and turned around, igniting his crimson lightsaber to meet the intruder. 3 Sith lords were standing at the direction of the engine room, dressed in black, their hoods raised. The one that had fired the shot was standing to the right of the wrinkled and gashed-faced man that Bandion recognized instantly. The bald Sith Lord cracked a huge smile, full of malice.



"We meet again my friend, or should I call you enemy now? " The Sith Lord asked.



"You can call me whatever you want Crind but after this fight you will no longer have the ability to talk." Bandion replied and swirled his lightsaber around his body, testing the length and calculating the amount of room needed for maximum performance.



"Foolish child, it's time for a new lesson." Crind replied and ignited his lightsaber, motioning the other 2 to do the same. The 3 Sith lords charged at the same time covering what room for maneuver was left. Bandion ducked to avoid a horizontal slash and as he came up he kicked the Sith Lord standing to the right in the abdomen , sending him flying across the corridor. He brought his lightsaber to the right just in time to parry both lightsabers of his enemies at shoulder height.



"One down." he said softly and broke contact by directing his lightsaber upwards . The trick worked and both foes lost their balance due to the force of the maneuver, giving Bandion the room for another kick....



A sizzle reverberated through the lounge and Bandion fell on the floor face-first, smoke coming from a small hole from his back. The commanding officer that had just come from the cockpit stood there, his blaster pistol raised.



"Well done Commander," Crind said with his usual raspy voice.



"I hope it was set for stun."



"Of course, as you commanded my Lord" The middle-aged man replied, bowing his head.



"Now you will feel true pain my friend." Crind said as he raised his lightsaber above his head. He directed it vertically striking Bandion on the lower right of his abdomen. Then he struck again cutting off the right hand of the fallen man. No sound came from him.



"You will feel the pain soon enough, don't worry " Crind whispered to Bandion's left ear as he kicked him once more and walked away.



Have you come out of hyperspace as I ordered?" Crind asked while looking behind his back for any sign of movement from Bandion .



"Yes my Lord and I have already contacted your vessel. It will be here in minutes."



"Excellent." Crind approved



"Now you two disable the hyperdrive and get ready for departure." Crind gestured at the the​ S​ith L​ords that accompanied him . As both o​f them entered the engine room, ​​Crind headed for the ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ceiling hatch leaving his arch enemy behind on what would prove to be an agonizing journey through deep space. Even if he survived, without a hyperdrive Bandion would be trapped until his life support system ran out.








Current time



Bandion grabbed two stimulants and shot them on what remained of his right arm and near the hole at his abdomen. He immediately felt relieved, as relieved he could be at this situation. The alarmwent off, breaking him out of his trance. Only 10 minutes of air remained. Bandion had accepted his fate but the sudden realization of it made him nervous again. He wanted to let out a scream but kept his composure for the sake of his dignity. Instead, he focused his attention on the viewport, staring at the sea of stars. The navicomputer had informed him that there wasn't any system nearby but he kept hoping for a miracle.Then , as he was gazing at the blankness of space, an enormous light filled the viewport. Bandion closed his eyes, protecting them from what seemed more trouble. When he opened them once again,his jaw almost fell from the sight. What previously had been empty space just ahead, now was a small planet, blood-red with 2 dark rings circling it. There was no record of the system on the navicomputer, no record of a planet ever having the ability to appear out of nowhere.



"What the... "Bandion started to say when the ship's holocomm beeped. Bandion clicked the holocomm unit and a cloaked figure appeared in front of him.



"Who are ..." he tried to say but the stranger motioned him tostop.



"Meet me at the coordinates I sent you and all your questions will be answered" The mystery man said and his image faded.



"Like I have a choice" Bandion uttered...





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Interesting! Can't wait for the next part mf_sherlock.gif

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Taking down the Sith vessel proved a lot easier to Bandion than he had thought at first. The ship's life support was almost juiced out, the inertial compensators had been damaged, rendering any kind of high-speed movement very dangerous. Still, the entrance to the planet's atmosphere was slow and steady, almost as if the laws of this planet bent to his will…or someone else's.



​ Bandion issued a command to the computer to search for any kind of life organisms. As he waited for the screen to pop up with the results, he started keying the coordinates to the navicomputer. When he had finished typing, the computer beeped and the image projected on the canopy of the damaged vessel.



Scan complete. Life organisms found: zero



"As I thought," Bandion grunted, as the pain on his arm and abdomen had returned.



"A dead planet." he mono logged and peered out of the viewport at the jagged cliffs, covered with thin red sand.



The Sith Lord landed the damaged vessel on a barren clearing, near the centre of the location signal. He punched the button to lower the boarding ramp and walked outside with gritted teeth, trickling like an old man without his walking cane.



Where has he sent me? Bandion wondered, as he took a look around the clearing, searching for anything leading to a hidden facility...or something.



I have sent you to a place where you will find true power the eerie voice of the hooded man answered inside his head. Hearing him for the second time, Bandion started wondering if he had met that person before.



While Bandion was trying to clear his thoughts, the same explosion of light occurred again and when the Sith Lord reopened his eyes, he was standing at the bottom of a steep vertical staircase leading to an enormous pyramid-shaped building.



Come inside the voice whispered again and Bandion opened his step, more by instinct than intent. He stopped terrified from the control the man's voice seemed to have on his body. If that man could control him, a Sith Lord of such power from such a distance, what could he do when they would meet face-to-face. Bandion's dilemma lasted only a few seconds and then he resumed his previous walking speed, reminding himself that he had no other choice. As the Sith Lord climbed the steps, the stone archway up ahead opened with a slow dragging sound. Bandion walked in cautiously, holding his mutilated left palm with his right. The room he entered resembled, in all likeliness, the hall of a Sith temple. It was a huge round room, more than 30 meters wide and 30 meters tall with series of doors in all sides of the room.



At the middle of the spacious hall, there was a circle carved on the floor and in the middle of that circle stood a tall lean man dressed in dark robes, his hood concealing his eyes and face. As the wounded Sith Lord advanced toward the circle, he could feel the dark side filling the room, generating from the circle and its occupant. Bandion halted just outside the circle and glared at the Sith Lord.



"At last you have come." the hooded man uttered and once again, Bandion couldn't escape the feeling of dejavu that the sound of the voice was causing him.



"Who are you and what is this place?" Bandion screamed as the pain in his abdomen had returned after all the walking he had done. The pain in his left palm seemed to be under control, but the Sith Lord kept the mutilated limb squeezed just in case.



"Who I am is of no consequence.As for this place you will soon find out."



"Enough with the riddles!" Bandion yelled once again taking a step forward inside the circle. Immediately he felt a powerful blast pushing him away and he was sent flying to the cold stone floor.



"Always on the move aren't we?" the Sith Lord hissed as he pushed back his hood to reveal a dark mask covering his entire face. Although the mask seemed common on the outside, made of black thin durasteel, Bandion gasped in awe as he felt enormous dark side energy being channeled on its interior. The nature of that power eluded Bandion and as he got up, he tried to keep the surprise from his face.



"Why did you bring me here?" he asked with deliberate calmness. He kept his face fixed on his opponent's yellow eyes.



"I brought you here because you are weak and that has to change if you ever hope to succeed in your goal."



"What do you know about me and more importantly my goal? " Bandion asked keeping his voice as serene as possible.



The Sith Lord let out a menacing raspy laugh.



"I know more than you can imagine saber brain, but if you want to know more, I suggest you survive my challenge."




"What challenge?" the wounded man asked, even though he already knew the answer.



"Pin me down and I will help you find a way back home, answer your questions and maybe, I say maybe give you this ' special ' mask." The Sith Lord said pointing at the durasteel mask with his right gloved hand.



"I don't know if you noticed but I couldn't kill a barve strapped on a tree in my current condition." Bandion countered pointing at his abdomen wound and at what remained of his left hand.



"Tch tch, those details do not matter here. " the masked man uttered and waved his hand. Immediately Bandion felt an enormous amount of energy enter his system and after a second, his left hand had regenerated and his belly had become as soft as a newborn's.



"Wha...t did you…do?" he managed to ask, keeping his eyes fixed on his abdomen and left arm. He had never heard of or seen a force user that could heal at that extent. Limb regeneration was impossible.



"This place... is made of dreams. Anything is possible in dreams as you will witness soon" the Sith Lord answered. He sat cross-legged on the middle of the circle and gestured toward Bandion



"Now do your best."



"I don't understand. Aren't we going to fight?" Bandion yelled in rage as he ignited his crimson lightsaber.



"If you can't pass this circle then you are not worth fighting."



"Get ready to pick your pieces then" Bandion yelled and force leapt at his target , holding his saber above his head . 4 meters separated him from his enemy, 3 meters, 2 meters and then an invisible force field sent him propelling backwards. He levitated himself to safety this time, landing on the stone floor with his black boots.



"Is that all you got? Tch tch, excuse of a Sith." the masked man mocked.



"Shut up!" Bandion screamed and channelled force lighting with both hands, sending blue jolts toward the force field but with no success. The barrier absorbed them and sent them back magnified to their caster. Bandion raised his blade just in time to absorb the screeching tongues of electricity.



"If you don't feel hatred, true hatred toward everything, yourself, me, your opponents, then, you can't expect to even touch me."



"SHUT UP!" Bandion screamed and a dark aura engulfed him. Immediately, he felt faster, stronger. He charged once again, this time on foot, igniting his second lightsaber as well. It was time to take this seriously. He approached his target and passed through the barrier with no difficulty. He led his blade downward, aiming at the left arm of his seated opponent . The masked Sith Lord moved with lighting speed and in the blink of an eye, parried the blow by igniting his own lightsaber.



"Good, now lesson 2" he mouthed and went on the offensive, driving Bandion back with powerful well aimed blows. He was using Djem So, a form that Bandion was familiar with. Still he was driven back, unable to counter. Finally as he parried his opponent's blade he somersaulted backward, trying to get some distance. His opponent stayed back, swinging his lightsaber forward. Then, one time he was there, and then he was behind Bandion, swinging his lightsaber horizontally. Bandion barely fended off the attack with his left blade and, as he performed a spin, he tried to sweep the Sith Lord off his feet with his right leg, only to see him disappear once again in thin air.



"Damn, show yourself." he screamed, weaving butterflies with his blades.



"Here." a voice echoed as the masked man reappeared and kicked Bandion on the stomach, sending him flying.He landed with a painful thud on the ground.



His opponent once again kept his distance, not exploiting Bandion's condition.



"How are you so fast?"



"I told you that this is a dream world, yet you still don't use the advantage that gives you."




"What advantage?" Bandion asked, grunting as he got up on his feet and summoned the lightsabers on his hands.



"What can you do in a dream saber-brain? The answer is EVERYTHING "the Sith Lord screamed and 10 masked dopplegangers encircled Bandion.


Bandion's mouth almost gaped open.






"Now you made me lose my patience." the Sith Lord said and gestured at the dopplegangers that started moving toward Bandion .



The circle was closing. Ten meters, nine meters. Now all of them started running, igniting their sabers as they went.



"This is a dream, this is a dream, THIS IS A DREAM" he thought once again.



The circle was now 4 meters in diameter and all 10 dopplegangers had raised their sabers, ready to strike.



"AARGHHHH!" Bandion screamed and an enormous sonic blast shook the walls of the hall, reducing the dopplegangers to dust. Never before had he used such a powerful force scream. Bandion ignited his sabers and turned to face the last one standing, the original.



"I see you got the point, now let's finish this." the masked Sith Lord said and appeared behind Bandion once again. This time though, Bandion was prepared and as he deflected the strike with his left blade, he drove the other with profound speed diagonally as he spun around. His opponent parried and the duel continued, more ferociously than before. Bandion grasped the new dream powers and used them to their full extent. Now his opponent was driven back, parrying and blocking with lighting speed. Finally, after a successful block, Bandion appeared behind the masked man, kicking him just above the right calf and sending him face-first to the floor.


"Hahaha, ok you win." the Sith Lord said and turned his body cautiously, to face the victor.



"As I promised, I will answer your questions. Now ask."



"Who are you?" Bandion asked, keeping the lightsaber pointed at the man's heart.



"It's time to reveal who I really am." the Sith Lord answered and touched his mask with both his hands. A disgusting sound came from the mask as its wearer removed it. The inner surface of the mask was covered with small razors that disappeared immediately after the mask was removed. Bandion witnessed the sight in horror. Now he knew why he had thought that voice was familiar ... too familiar.



"This cannot be." he whispered. In front of him, beneath the deep-scarred face, was himself, only an uglier and more terrifying version. The long black mane had been replaced with only thin lines of hair that tended to disappear.



"Yes as you can see, I am an aspect of yourself. This is the appearance you will have when you will have embraced true power. "




​ After a few seconds, Bandion managed to recover from the shocking revelation.



"So you are saying that I have to become like this if I ever hope to take revenge on Crind?"



"Beating Crind is not the issue. Gaining complete mastery over the force is what matters and this artefact can help you." the scarred man said offering the dark mask to Bandion .



"What can this mask do?" Bandion asked suspiciously.



"This artefact is called the Doom mask. Through it, you can use the force in any way you see fit, like you did here on this dream planet."



"That could prove useful” Bandion allowed, as he took the mask and weighed it on his hands. It was light as a feather.



"What is the catch other than permanent disfigurement?"



"The catch is that the power of the mask needs to be invigorated after extended use."



"How can I recharge it then?" Bandion asked.



"By taking the life of a sentient being, you can recharge the mask but after 99 irrelevant invigorations, the power of the mask will wither. Then you will need to sacrifice the life of someone you are bonded with, be it lover, brother or ally. "



A cruel fate for the one who wields the power of the mask" Bandion whispered. Betraying his brothers to gain power, wasn't something that he had in mind. But as he weighed the alternative, staying at the same level of power until someone wrested the mantle of Sith Lord from him, Bandion found his answer.




"So will you accept my gift, brother in heart?" the scarred Sith Lord asked with the hint of a smile on his face.



"I will use this mask to the best of my ability." Bandion said.



"Good, but do not put it on yet. Wait until you are back on the real world." the Sith Lord uttered with his raspy voice.



"And how do you expect to do that?" the impatient Sith inquired.



"Like this." scarred-Bandion countered and snapped his fingers. Immediately darkness filled Bandion's vision. He was falling…





"Bandion, can you hear me?" A calm voice that sounded a lot like Darth Neeru's asked.



"Sorry sir, I don't think the patient has regained his consciousness. I think it would be better to wait outside" the monotonic voice of a droid said.



The snap hiss of a lightsaber reverberated around the room and next, the crackling sound of metal falling on the floor



"Damn droid." Darth Neeru cursed.



Bandion slowly opened his eyes. He was immediately blinded by the bright light and he blinked. Neeru was standing on the side of his durasteel-medical bed with a medical droid cut in half on his feet. As he saw Bandion open his eyes, Neeru's lips curved into a smile that betrayed relief.



"Glad to see you have recovered." he said with his usual playful tone.



"How did I get here?" Bandion asked.



"Well, a transmission came from Dromuund kaas that you never arrived to the meeting. Luckily, Darth Malus had a homing device installed on the Sith transport you used so we were able to track the signal. When we arrived there and boarded the ship you were unconscious on the pilot's chair with your left hand cut off and your abdomen bleeding intensely. No sign of anyone else. What in Andeddu's name happened there?"



"An old friend. Nothing important." Bandion answered with a bored tone, as he glanced at his new mechanical left hand. He squeezed his hand into a fist and was satisfied to see that its response to his nerves system was perfect.



"Well if friends treat you like that Bandion, I don't want to know about your enemies " Neeru countered with a grin and turned his back to leave .



So it was all a dream huh? Bandion wondered



"No mystery planet, no psychopathic me, no Doom mask....



"Ohh, I almost forgot," Neeru said turning his head to face Bandion. He put his hand on the inner pocket of his robe and extracted a black durasteel mask.



"This was on your chest when we found you. Probably some prank from your 'friend'." Neeru uttered and threw the mask at Bandion before walking through the open door.



Bandion caught the mask in midair and peered at its inner surface .No jagged razors were visible at first but after a moment, a soft click was heard and 10 razors appeared on the inside of the mask, forming a circle that covered the entire inner faceplate.



"It must be done" Bandion whispered to himself as he put on the mask. He felt the razors sink deep into his face. He wanted to let out a scream but suppressed it, in order not to be heard. This excruciating feeling lasted until the razors snapped shut, clinging on Bandion's cheekbones.Then, the pain was forgotten as the dark side energy from the mask connected with Bandion. The feeling of power was indescribable. He wanted to release this power all at once but he kept himself under control. After all, every ounce of strength was precious, for what was about to come…



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