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Guest Anime_Overlord

Τι θα γίνει στην συνέχεια του One Piece;

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Guest roriconfan

So, after mangaka Oda sues the Pirates of the Caribbean for plagiarism, after 2.358 episodes have been aired:




-Luffy gets a bounty of 1 quadrillion billion trillion million beli, and defeats with Gear Hundredo all 4 Sea Emperors AT THE SAME TIME (including Shanks) and becomes the Pirate King


-Zoro learns to fight with lightsabers, held by his toes, nostrils, buttchicks and earlobes, and defeats all 7 Shichibukai AT THE SAME TIME (including Hawk Eyes) and marries that lady that resembles his dead child friend


-Sanji learns to cook while fighting, smoking and flirting while defeating all 3 Admirals AT THE SAME TIME, finds Central Blue and impregnates every pretty lady in the world (including Zoro’s wife, so as for their rivalry to continue)


-Robin has found and translated every Ponyglyph, and destroys the World Government with a billion hands holding rocket launchers as revenge for her island


-Nami grows breasts bigger than the rest of her body and steals all of the world’s riches with a stick that spits comets, Kame Hame, sinks and many more


-Broke becomes a lich and defeats Skeletor, Mumm-ra, Tex-hex AT THE SAME TIME, controls with his violin an army of one billion zombies and acquires all the panties in the world


-Franky turns to a flying mecha that shoots cola-powered anti-matter terrabombs


-Usopp hits a pin on the other side of the planet, without being a lie


-Chopper convinces the Navy that he is more than a pet and increases his bounty to 100 beli


-and the crew has grown bigger by adding secondary characters like Naruto, Ichigo and Alucard, whose shows will have no ratings by then and will plead Luffy for a small part in his epic adventure…




…then they will reach Devil’s Island, where the evil grocery-man rebel, Dragon, hands over devil fruits all over the world in order to throw it into chaos and rule it with ease.




… who then will remove his fake face and reveal he was Gold Roger all this time! And will say “Luffy, I am your father. Join the Dark Side.” And then an interstellar army of space pirates will appear in the sky (Star Wars music is heard in the background).




In the meantime, Enel builds with Pluton a huge weapon on the moon and calls it Death Star, Blackbeard creates a black hole that consumes the universe and Buggy does a fusion dance with Alvida and kid Buu is the result, blowing planets for fun.




So, the crew creates a spaceship named “Going Faster than Light Merry” and begins a quest in space, in order to find the solution to all this trouble by acquiring the One Piece, which turns to be hidden in another place, far away. And boldly go where no pirate has ever gone before (Star Trek music is heard in the background).




And travels to North Space, South Space, East Space και West Space, trying to find the center of the galaxy, which of course in the context of Oda’s imagination will be made out of milk.




And instead traveling from island to island, the crew will now travel from planet to planet and will fight space pirates and space monsters, far more powerfull than those in Red Line (an upscale in battles was required since they got this powerful!)




And Oda will have enough material for another 3.000 episodes ...




And then they will meet Luffy’s evil clone, who will attempt to destroy the center of the universe, who will throw them with Gear Thousando in a time-space wormhole.




And the crew will then build a time machine named “Mairy Had A Little Lamb” which will resemble a phone booth in the shape of a huge snail (Dr. Who music is heard in the background).




And will travel in space-time continuum, going in different time periods and fighting the strongest warriors that ever lived or will live in the future (another upscale in battles).




And instead of planets, they will now travel to alternative realities, excusing even the existence of those filler episodes in feudal Japan or that episode, where all where chibi.




And fight creatures that can destroy entire galaxies (got another upscale) and look for the Red Line of Fate that binds all dimensions in the same continuum (or thread spinner; I don’t know; this is Oda’s imagination we are talking about …).




And Oda will have enough material for yet another 3.000 episodes ...




And after the crew has saved one billion universes and has wrecked another one billion of those and the number of his crew will have reached a 10 digit number and the series has reached 10.000 episodes and will have put all Brazilian soap operas to shame… The greatest plot twist in the history of mankind will occur in this series !!!




…For the very first time in known history, someone will die IN REAL TIME !!!!!!!! Not in a flashback!!!!! …




And then the final episode of the series will be announced and the entire populace of our world will glue their heads in their tv and pc screens, waiting with passion for the revelation of what the infamous One Piece really is, leaving aside other lesser events that take place at the same time, such as the World Cup, the Olympic Games and the first landing of a man on Saturn!




And instead of an anime episode, all they will watch is mangaka Oda ordering the fans to put an end to the cruel World Government.




And in a few hours, all of our (real) world’s governments will be overrun by billions of fanatic cosplayers, dressed as Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and the like, burning flags, demolishing prisons, army bases and fortresses and releasing all of the world’s political prisoners.




And in all this chaos, all the authority will be given to Oda, who will be crowned the new emperor of Japan and solid ruler of planet Earth.




And it will be revealed that the creators of South Park were right when they aired that episode with the Chinpokomons.




And One! One Piece to rule them all! And in darkness bind them! … The End.

Edited by roriconfan

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Πέθανα στα γέλια..... Συμφωνώ με όλα όσα υπόθηκαν

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ΙΕΡΟΣΙΛΙΑ!!!!!!!!!!ΣΤΗΝ ΠΥΡΑ!!!!! :tease: :tease: :tease:

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ΙΕΡΟΣΙΛΙΑ!!!!!!!!!!ΣΤΗΝ ΠΥΡΑ!!!!! :tease: :tease: :tease:

Με τις ξενέρωτες.

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Αυτά είναι! xD Πλάκα πλάκα η φαντασία του oda κάποιες φορές είναι...

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Guest Anime_Overlord

Από τότε όμως έχουν αλλάξει κάποια πράγματα και πλέον στο μάνγκα κάποιος πεθαίνει σε real time. Oh well, είναι πολύ καλό fan fic κι ας δεν ισχύει όσο προχωράει (εις το άπειρο) η σειρά.

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