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Τουλάχιστον αυτό θα πείσει μερικούς πως τα άνιμε αν μη τι άλλο δεν είναι έργα του "σατανά". :p

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Πράγματι είναι απίστευτοι. Θεωρούν κάποιοι το yu-gi-oh διαβολικό η δεν ξέρω τι, επειδή έχει μαγεία.......

Πόσες ενοχές μπορεί να έχει κανείς πια?

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ΑχαΧαχαΧαχαΧΑχ υπέροχο! Πέθανα στο γέλιο!


Πρώτο ποστ:

Okay, I know this has been posted a bunch, but I just had to tell someone. I have trouble with hentai. I got into it right as last summer began. Porn doesn't really give me a problem, but I find hentai so darn enticing. I looked at it just about every night for a while, but after some praying and Bible reading, it went down to about once or twice every few weeks. In other words I would look at it now snd then. But I felt I had to stop completely. Through prayer and God's grace I felt I have overcome it. Maybe.. it seems that every time I say I've quit. I go right back to looking at the stupid stuff the next week. But this is kinda' different. I haven;t seen it for about a month now. I feel really good about it but I am still being hounded by lustful desires. I feel like I'm going into withdrawl(like with smoking or drinking, but with hentai). The urges seem to be getting stronger and stronger. I sually pray and listen to music, which really helps. But they still come. As a matter of fact, I got dangerously close just a little bit ago. Right as I was about to click "google search" I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to stop. so I did. But the urges keep coming and I am starting to feel overwhelmed. Please pray for me.


Τέλειο DarkAng3e... Nihilio ;) :p :cool2:

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