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Όνομα Συγγραφέα: Κέλλης Κωνσταντίνος

Είδος:Μια ρομαντική βινιέτα

Βία; Όχι

Σεξ; Όχι

Αριθμός Λέξεων: Περίπου 500

Αυτοτελής; Ναι

Σχόλια Υποστηρίζουμε το Flash Fiction Dare της Ευθυμίας : Λίγο ρομάντζο αφότου είδα την Casablanca...




“We’ll always have Paris”, a dead man once said and became immortal.


Sitting on that cold bus stop, the meaning of the words grabs you by the throat.

The buses come and go, come and go. You don’t care any longer. The one she was on is now far gone. Now you just look at them come and go,come and go.


“We’ll always have Paris,” you mutter as you’re sitting there, for the third time ever. Third time’s the charm, they say. Not this time.


Brush off the rest of the people. You two were alone, both times. Brush off the sun too. It was late.

Last passenger of the fleeing night.


She’s not there now obviously; now she’s too far away and beyond reach. Perhaps that was the magic. But then again, her ghost is right by your side, the memory of her aroma, more vivid than anything else around.


You two, sitting on the cold bench in the dark, while the city reveled in the distance.


So,what do you see?


Her face, of course. Who could forget beauty when it stared at them in the face? Her eyes, half-hidden behind strands of amber. Do you remember what you said?


“In your eyes I see the icy sea.”


She smiled. What did she answer?


“Do they look so cold to you, then?”


Yes. She only had to look at you once; you took a plunge and were lost in the frost.


They also looked cold the second time. Her tears were snowflakes.


A bus is coming. Will she leave? Not yet.


While you are still sitting there, looking at her ghost – your ghosts – buses come and go in an endless loop. One of them took her away, twice.


The first time, she went straight to the back and waved through the window. Her hand was freezing but her smile said she felt warm inside and didn’t care.


That smile said “I’ll see you soon.”


The second time, she rushed to the back once more. She waved; this time her fingers were tucked in her new gloves. She smiled.


That smile said “I’ll see you again.”


What was it that you told her, when the day eventually turned into night? When that stranger with the saddest eyes you ever beheld–and that was enough– became Her, what did you say, when her bus was almost in front of you?


“I’ll kiss you now, and you decide if I’m going to miss or not.


She didn’t answer. Not with words.


And after that longest and shortest week of your lives finally came to an end in the headlights of a bus, you said the same, trying to remain jovial like a cursed jester.


“I’ll kiss you now, and you decide if I’m going to miss or not.


Did she answer this time? She did.


She said, Please, don’t miss.

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There will always be an open, empty road ahead of you, a bus waiting for the last passenger and you will always remain... waiting there for the return....


μάλλον η Σελήνη με επηρέασε περισσότερο από όσο νόμιζα....:D

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