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27th Draxian Regiment


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Kόσμος(Σύμπαν): Warhammer 40.000
Copyright: Games Workshop
Όνομα Συγγραφέα: Zaratoth
Είδος: Sci-fi
Αριθμός Λέξεων: 500
Αυτοτελής; Ναι
Σχόλια: Αγγλικά. Ήταν για παιχνίδι ενός forum Warhammer 40K, να γράψουμε μια ιστορία 500 λέξεις max που να περιλαμβάνει έναν καινούργιο στρατό (Chapter, Regiment κλπ) που να μην υπάρχει στο canon lore.




       Heavy rain was falling on the battlefield. Olen tried to move through the muddy trenches as fast as he could manage. He had an urgent message to deliver to Colonel Medius. A lightning cracked in the sky. In the momentary light, a watcher could see a man covered in mud, holding tightly a hat made of an animal’s skin in his head, barely managing to walk, a step at a time, towards the Regimental Headquarters.

       Olen was an Imperial Guardsman, part of the 27th Draxian Regiment, currently stationed on Argentia’s second moon. The local militia had rebelled, claiming the system for themselves and several regiments, including the 27th, were sent to recapture it. That was easier said than done, however. The weather had been bad since their arrival and hindered their movements. But tonight all that might change.

       He entered the Headquarters and squeezed his hat hard, trying to remove as much water as possible. It was made of an animal called “The Draxian Lycan” and could only be found on Draxos, the Regiment’s homeworld. They used its skin and tail to create hats for all the Guardsmen coming from this planet. It was a millennia old tradition that had all warriors wearing this kind of hat as a token of strength. Olen didn’t feel stronger, but he could certainly enjoy its warmth in cold climates.

       The inside of the building was warm and well lit. It was a large room with a table in the middle filled with maps of the region. Around the table stood Colonel Medius with his second-in-command, Major Sarius and several Captains that Olen didn’t know. He approached the table and saluted.


“Guardsman Olen, 27th Draxian, Sir. I have an urgent message for you, Colonel.”


“Speak up, Guardsman”, said the Colonel, taking his eyes off the maps. He had a large mustache and was smoking a cigar. His light green uniform was in stark contrast with Olen’s uniform, barely able for one to see the green under all this mud.


“The scouts just returned. They say there’s a gap in the Militia’s forces in Rocky Gorge.”


“Gentlemen, this is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for”, said the Colonel turning to the other members of the war council. “Prepare the forces at once. 27th will strike first, supported by the 106th and the 79th. The Basilisks will soften up the enemy before the assault.”


      He turned and picked up a microphone, connected to speakers all over the camp.

“Soldiers of the Imperium. We are going to march soon. I expect you to show our enemies what makes the Imperial Guard the Hammer of the Emperor.  The Emperor will guide us to victory!”

      He put the microphone back to its place and turned back to the table, waving Olen to depart. The soldier saluted and departed. Away from the eyes of the higher ups he made the sign of the Aquila, trying to find comfort in reciting the old saying over and over again, “The Emperor Protects”.

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Carolus Rex

Ωραίο κομματάκι. Κλασική φάση Guard. Προσωπικά θα αφιέρωνα λίγο χώρο παραπάνω για να περιγράψω λίγο τις στολές και το modus operandi του συντάγματός σου. Σε τι διαφέρουν από τους Cadians, εκτός από το ότι προέχρονται από αλλού? Πως λειτουργεί η αλυσίδα διοίκησης? Τι είδος συντάγματος είναι? Μου άρεσε το ζώο που έβαλες και με δυό γραμμές ζωντάνεψες το σύνταγμά σου. Keep up the good work!

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Ωραίο κομμάτι, σαν εισαγωγή σε ένα μυθιστόρημα.

Ομολογώ ότι με άφησες να περιμένω την επόμενη σκηνή, την εκκίνηση για τη μάχη ας πούμε.

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