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Lives of Notorious Cooks - Brendan Connell


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Lives of Notorious Cooks

Συγγραφέας Brendan Connell 
Σελίδες 180
Εκδόσεις Chomu Press
ISBN 1907681205
ISBN13: 9781907681202


When he reached the age of 767, Peng Zu was sought after by the benevolent Emperor Yao, who wished to receive advice on ruling the nation. Peng Zu made a thick soup for the emperor out of pheasant, Job’s tear seeds and plums, well salted. Eating the dish, the emperor felt as if he were sitting on air. He was filled with a deep cosmic joy in which he saw everything clearly.

“You see,” Peng Zu said, “the gravest problems of state can be resolved over a bowl of soup. The people, seeing you live frugally will not resent you. When the ruler is calm, the nation is calm.”

Learn of the outrageous and sometimes dubious lives of Peng Zu and fifty other notorious cooks from the pages of history and legend, in a picaresque dictionary of delicious and playful story-telling.






Ω! Τι μπορώ να πω γι' αυτό το βιβλιαράκι; Είναι γοητευτικό, μυστηριώδες, σκαμπρόζικο, ευφυές, συγκινητικό, και πάνω απ' όλα γεμάτο γεύσεις, γεύσεις, γεύσεις! Περιέχει πενήντα "βιογραφίες" μαγείρων, κάποιες όχι μεγαλύτερα από 300 λέξεις, που πραγματικά καλύπτουν ένα ευρύ φάσμα φιλοσοφίας και κωμωδίας. Ούτε και ξέρω γιατί το αγόρασα, πάντως δεν το μετάνιωσα καθόλου!

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