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Συνέντευξη Μ. Moorcock


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Ένα μεγάλο, κακό παιδί, τις απόψεις του οποίου τυχαίνει να βρίσκω πολύ συμπαθητικές.




[...]That it's actually a lot harder to face the ordinary problems of life, such as the landlord, than it is to face a fire-breathing dragon. That the same kind of courage is always required of you. Although one isn't actually the same quality as the other. In fact, you might prefer the experience of a fire breathing dragon than dealing with the landlord!'[...]


[...]just decided when I was very young, that I was not going to let the world frighten me into a corner. And yet at the same time I had the perfectly ordinary desire to live a perfectly ordinary life. I think there's a lot to be said for that normal life, but personally, I've never lived a particularly cautious life. It's not possible, I'd get bored to quickly. Yet at the same time I think I've lived a fairly sensible life, when required. [...]

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Moorcock's eleven stories of Elric, the Eternal Champion have been recently optioned by Universal Studios.


Εγώ πάντως συγκράτησα αυτό από όσα διάβασα.

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Αν κοψουν ψιλοασχετες ενδιαμεσες περιπετειες και ριξουν χρημα μπορει να γινει μια τριλογια ΤΕΛΕΙΑ.Ειμαι φαν του αιωνιου προμαχου.Φαινεται και απο την τζιφρα μου...

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:beerchug: Έτσι Heiron, Eternal Champion, doomed to live forever! Και για τη συνέντευξη...

:dancing4dh: :worshippy: :worshippy: :worshippy: :worshippy:

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