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Απλά, ένας κλασικός θησαυρός του ίντερνετ που οφείλει να διαβαστεί. Οι ήρωες του Harry Potter όπως δεν τους είχατε ξαναδει ποτέ, writing skills υπό του μηδενός, ανύπαρκτη πλοκή και... τι, θέλετε και άλλους λόγους;

So bad it is a masterpiece.


Πάρτε ένα τυχαίο δείγμα γραφής από το κεφάλαιο 23:

The door opened and Proffesor Rumbridge and Cornelia Fudge stomped out angrily. Then Dumbledum and Rumbridge sawed us.


?MR. WAY WHAT THE BEEP ARE YOU DOING!? Rumbridge shouted angrily. Dumbledore blared at her.


?Oops she made a mistake!? he corrupted her. ?She means hi everybody cum in!?


Well we all came in angrily. So did all the other students. I sat between Darkness and Draco and opposite B’loody Mary. Crab and Goyle started 2 make some morbid jokes. They both looked exactly like Ville Vollo. I eight some Count Chocula and drank som blood from a cup. Then I herd someone shooting angrily. I looked behind me it was???Vampire! He and Draco were shooting at eachother.

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απο όσο διάβασα πρέπει να τα σπάει :D

Όσο προχωράει γίνεται χειρότερο καλύτερο

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