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The Fool & The Mighty

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The Fool & the Mighty


-Thrust your trust away!

-Live your life in dismay!

-For the corrupted lead the way!


-And what a way' 'tis not even paved!

-And the monsters who devour, keep your soul enslaved.


-Monsters? Oh yes, I see, chaining your life with insanity!

-Would you prefer an empty life, completely made of vanity?


-If I was to escape from Them, my delight would be most obvious!

-You waste your mind, becoming more oblivious.


-Well my friend, you can stay and ruin your goddamn life -- I won't be there.

-I've found shelter in Night. For my glory you must all prepare!

-Take a look at the conqueror beside me -- I mock while in Erevos he stares!

-Cease your mockery old friend, for many secrets he will find!

-I wish him the best -- I'll be there to greet him when the time comes

-Eternal he will be. This world he will reform!


-I'll stand there to give advice -- protect him from falling to a vice!

-He will need not, though he'll protect you thrice!


-Beware the wrath of the Above, you might commit abuse!

-I care not about the Skylords, my true powers I will use!


-They might call me the Fool, but your force I recognize

-Clandestine fire we will bring. The lords of Heavens we will terrorize!


Two different sides united, In celestial flame as one!

The Fool and the Mighty -- despair they will bring before they are finished...


...finished and done!

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The Blackcloak

Ενδιαφέρον ποίημα με λιτή και άμεση έκφραση(αν και σε κάποια σημεία γίνεται κάπως δραματικό), που αντλεί τη θεματολογία του (εν μέρει) από γνωστούς κι αγαπημένους ήρωες του Φανταστικού (ναι κι ας πιστεύουν κάποιοι πως ο Όνομα-δεν-λέω-μάγος είναι μ*****ς :p ) αλλά έχει και ευρύτερες ενδιαφέρουσες προεκτάσεις... Μόνο το τέλος μου φάνηκε λίγο απότομο .

Edited by The Blackcloak
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